All our pretty songs and and all my pretty paintings and…

“In Bloom…” (May 2023) – Acrylic on canvas, 30x30x1cm

“In Bloom…” (May 2023) – Acrylic on canvas, 30x30x1cm – A new (pretty) painting concluced earlier this month,. The song revisited me last week when someone told  me they liked “all my pretty paintings” which both planted the song back in my head and also had me questioning my own art (I am constantly questioning my own art), are they just pretty paintings? I don’t actually think they’re that pretty, I’m sure the person who said it didn’t mean it in a negative way and I should take it in the right spirit and if people see hearts when I paint leaves then that fine, who right? We both are as right as each other

..Nirvana and I crossed paths a number of times in the early 90s in the days of Organ as as quite a high profile printed zine on the streets of London and all those gigs we put on and….

Those who know me, know I have quite a history in terms of alternative music, gigs, running a record label and such, that history sometimes seeps into the art I make with things like the Electric Paintings, the occasional reference to bands I’ve worked with, a painting or two named after a line in a song or some such thing…    

Soul Time – Electric Painting No. 33 (May 2023) Acrylic on canvas, 20x20x1cm

The Soul Time painting, Soul Time – Electric Painting No. 33 (May 2023), was slight different, not an interpretation of an Electric album cover this time, more a fast painting while listening to Shirley Ellis and her classic piece of Northern Soul, that and Tony Clark’s Landslide, The Night and while The M.V.Ps were Turning My Heartbeat Up and listening to the crash of cymbals, painted while listening to a playlist of Northern Soul I put together, go have a listen if you wish, Whatever happened to Steve Soul anyway? And if you have any idea what did happen to Steve or indeed his mate and mine Richie Mod, I’d love to know…

Both paintings and indeed seven inch single size print versions are currently available via the Art Car Boot Fair’s online Spring Bounce that goes on until May 28th 2023