We Are Three, What Price Art?

aaa_cultevolved_isthreeFolkestone was freshening, The Fringe people revitalizing, East London is cloying, First Thursday came and went, the 37th in a row, three non-stop years, surely that’s enough? We Are Three, a celebration of time sucked up and art made, and maybe Cultivate has been a piece of art in itself? A draining piece of art, a battle, an always open door, a fight for survival… We Are Three was an invigorating celebration, defiant. Time to evolve, I’ll be back in five minutes.

We Are Three was a week ago. Last night, second Thursday of the month, was mostly about painting black and white leaf growth on more found packing cases (cases that had been used to ship art from Korea to Hada Contemporary, the gallery over the road from Cultivate).  Painting outside Cultivate in the street, black and white growth while some dreadfully hideous wine and street art event was going on further down the road, street art? Wine? Something going wrong somewhere

today1WHAT PRICE ART? Last night was a black and white kind of night, today the pieces stood out on he street, assisted by the sandwich thief from Wayward Gallery. These two big black and white pieces on recycled packing case panels will be on sale at Cultivate, Vyner Street this weekend, 13th/14th September, at a pay whatever you want price. The rule, as before, is, you can name any price you want and I can’t refuse or argue or respond in any way other than to say fine and hand you the piece… the only rule is only one piece per person. What Price Art…. (the dog of course is priceless)..

Hollyhock (2011)
Hollyhock (2011, sold)

The art chute called Cultivate has sucked up a lot of everything and, no, we probably wouldn’t have missed it for the world, it has mostly been thankless, taken rather for granted, and it is;nt quite over yet, not long to go now though, surely?  And the last big piece of work to sell down there was the Hollyhocks, a piece painted before the challenge of our corner was taken on and there was more time for these more painterly things, when it wasn’t all about reacting to the Hackney environment and the clutter on the streets.  The Hollyhock is one of the few paintings I almost feel pleased with… .  almost…. not quite. What price art (or a move to the seaside)

The last two weeks in photos….. click on a piece to enlarge or run the slide show