Everything must go, art is never easy, it isn’t entertainment, one more week of cultivation…

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

EVERYTHING MUST GO: This week I mostly have a pile of painted on growth-covered packing cases, old radiators and canvas things both big and small down at Cultivate, Vyner Street, and for this final week of Cultivate, all my work still in the gallery is available at a price of £20 per piece. (well besides the £1 pieces and the £5 pieces and such). Everything must go, time to evolve yet again, clear out my old work, make way for the new.

Cultivate (in terms of Vyner Street) ends on Sunday at 6pm (new artists taking the space over and renaming it on Monday morning). So you have this First Thursday evening and the whole of the weekend to help me clear out all the growth and weeds and leaves and thing.

No doubt there will be a lot more said about Cultivate both here and on the Cultivate blog in the next few days, Three years is enough, we leave the corner feeling positive,  pleased and a I guess just a tiny bit proud of what we’ve managed to do over the last three and a bit years

Cultivate, a typical Thursday night, 2013

Cultivate, a typical Thursday night, 2013

Cultivate, Vyner Street…. walking it, not just talking it. 112 events, shows, openings, group shows, solo shows and such during Cultivate’s time in Vyner Street. 37 months or just over 3 years, 38 First Thursdays and hundreds and hundreds of artists up on our walls, plinths and such. One more week to go, then we’ll be back in five minutes with new things… ,

This week then, that grand parade of packing cases really must go…   everything must go, everything must at least evolve…. art is never easy, it isn’t entertainment, I do hope we’ve entertained you on our corner over the last three stressful years…. come clear it out.

Cultivate.... the grand parade...

Cultivate…. the grand parade…