The Chinese Open, more art drops, dogs, leaves, broken frames, brutalist car parks….

chinopen_sean7 This week just gone was mostly about the 2015 Chinese Open and what has now really come to feel like the event that marks the start of the London art year.  This year it was a one day event, back to Q.Park again, Chinatown, Soho, London. I do love shows in brutalist car parks, there’s some words and photos of the whole event over the Organ pages, here’s some trumpet blowing images of my part in the event both inside and outside.  The idea of leaf growth inside a concrete car park, of things reclaimed, revived, brought back to life, cultivated, grown on….

Inside it was an installation made up of things painted on, found recycled pieces of packing cases, pieces of astro turf (dogs love astro turf!), broken frames, the paint can, recycled cardboard, all put together… Outside it was on with the #365ArtDrops and a piece hanging on the wall while the Chinese Open Celebrations took place….