Filling a warehouse, growing more leaves, herding artists, cultivating…

play_warehouse01The walls of the old Cultivate corner down on Vyner Street have completely gone now, the former gallery is now a pile of rubble, most of Vyner Street is a building site, we (the London art scene)  lost something special there, London is changing.

What next for Cultivate? We shall be nomadic, the Cultivate blog will document the adventure. Right now my days are mostly taken up gathering together artists and curating a show in a warehouse (before that is demolished as well). The warehouse, by London Fields, will be a temporary art venue until it is demolished, at the moment that should happen in January 2016. We have it for a weekend in June.

The last few days have mostly been about gathering together artists, blending the mix, curating the show and everything that that involves, the art of putting on an exhibition. Today there was just about time to grow some leaves and prepare some more parts of the #365ArtDrops piece. These three on found pieces of wood picked up from a skip outside an art studio last weekend.

.       .