Thorns, churchyards, fresh growth, Counting Out Time, shop time….

Gardening this morning, dealing with the growth and the thorns that they sometimes have, the spring shoots of a new body of thorny work is starting to evolve as the days start to get longer

"Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 19" - (60cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas, Feb 2016)
“Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 19” – (60cm x 80cm, acrylic on canvas, Feb 2016)

Another of last week’s #43 drops found. Well we say “drops” but they are never ever dropped, always carefully placed, that one in a Shoreditch church yard (East London) if I remember rightly.  Do like seeing these photos of people with their found pieces, we don’t really know what’s going to happen when we walk away, we mostly imagine them going in to bins and landfill sites, well i do anyway. Always good to see people with the pieces, the interaction brings each piece to a conclusion. Thanks Louis, John and Guy

43_found_louishere’s what John posted “Having our traditional school holidays ramble around the Brick Lane area when Louis chanced upon a Sean Worrall #43, lucky boy. Now filling our faces with bagels and cakes before carrying on!! — with Guy Sorce.

I do hate the bring the crass commercial side of things in here, but the Cultivate shop has been updated and restocked with new pieces of work

Pleased to say this piece has sold today, another from the recent #43 show under that bridge, The pieces left from that show will remain on sale until another 43 days have passed and the #86 show takes place 9where upon they shall be £86 each). All pieces can be viewed by appointment at my studio (as today’s was)
“Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18” – (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood) #43. Sold today…
Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18 - (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood)
Sometimes They Have Thorns Part 18 – (32cm x 90cm, acrylic on recycled hardwood)
Counting Out Time“, acrylic on deep edge canvas, 60x45cm –  this one, from last year,  is now on sale via the on-line shop
sw_countingouttimeThe on-line shop is updated, the shop is always being updated.
Cultivate on-line shop
Cultivate on-line shop