Today near this street sign just off Mare Street, London E2…


Yesterday was the 43rd day of the year, 43 pieces were painted with that in mind. Yesterday several of the #43 pieces were left hanging around East London for people to take should they wish to. Some went very quickly, some may still be hanging there Today several more pieces will be hung, these are bigger ones, they will be hung in one outdoor location and this time for sale (not everything can be for free, sorry) Around 20 pieces will be hanging on an East London wall under a bridge by a canal from 2.30pm until 4.30 (unless we get moved on again that is). Today some or the pieces will be for sale at no more than £43 each… There might be a few more small ones around in other places, watch out for paintings hanging, watch out for signs and more news about where the bigger ones will be hanging and on sale today near this road sign just off Mare Street, E2….


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