No permission asked or given, galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls…

Well that was a busy weekend, creativity abound in squalor, thing going off, things left on the floor,  art off to Manchester, Glasgow, Kent, thanks people, always good to sell art, always good to have people drop by and see the art hanging on a gallery wall. This weekend the gallery wall was a wall under a bridge down by the canal. No permission asked or given, just “pop-up” and do it, galleries don’t always have to be formal places with doors and white walls, the only rules is there are no rules.  The weekend just gone was pieces left hanging around East London on day 43, pieces on Brick Lane, on the Hackney Road, Clare Street, pieces left in church yards, on the fence by Hackney City Farm and then pieces exhibited in a “gallery” under a bridge in the wind and rain on day 44. We got away with it for a bit under that bridge, here’s a cut ‘n paste of a social media post from the weekend (you’ll find constant posting on Facebook, still not got to grips with this new fangled phone beast or doing the Instagram thing but you can follow me there now for what it be worth, I’ll work it out soon).


The cut’n paste bit and some words from the weekend…. “Thanks to everyone who braved the wind and rain to join us under the bridge on Saturday (and no thanks to the jobsworth, “you can’t do that” said the man with a clipboard) and thanks to all those who went hunting “43 drops” on Friday, I see a lot have been taken, sorry to those who went looking and didn’t get one. Looks like there there’s still one or two out there in Sunday sunshine hanging around church yards and such…. Today I am mostly trying to finish a painting for the Resonance FM fundraiser. Some of the 43 pieces are still available at £43 each and can be viewed today at my studio (pm me if you want to know more). The pieces will be available for the next 43 days at a price of £43 each whereupon they will join some other pieces at the second #43 show on the 86 day of the year… These pieces are available today at my studio in Hackney where I shall be painting for the Resonance FM fundraiser”

Sometimes They Have Thorns
Sometimes They Have Thorns

And, as it said up there in the previous paragraph, some of the #43 pieces are still available, if you wish to drop by the studio, then please do get in touch and we’ll arrange an informal time and put the kettle on, I’m here most days working on several things at once and some of the bigger #43 pieces like those four up there in that photo (actually no, the third one from the left has now been sold, the other three and some other pieces are still on sale)  On day #86 the pieces still on sale at £43 go up to £86, sorry people, even artists need to eat (#rent #paintcostsmoney). #86 will take place on the 86th day off the year, 23rd of March I do believe.

And once again a big thanks to Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland for more coverage and some great photos over the weekend via Shoreditch Street Art Tours, as well as some previous coverage here… Love this photo of a piece being taken from the wall on Brick Lane by Ingrid (thanks Ingrid, I like it when art makes people smile).

A #43 piece found.  Photo: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland
A #43 piece found. Photo: Dave Stuart aka NoLionsInEngland

Right then, thanks everyone, thanks for being part of the weekend, on with the painting and things, this is a non-stop operation, days off are not an option… see you out there…

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