Power looms, Instagram, #43, thorns, Resonance FM fundraising and a new boombox…

Well I finally gave in and got one of those steam powered looms rather than a manual one, I’m expecting a Ludite riot outside the studio door any moment now. I also got one of those new fancy phone things that means all you people who keep moaning at me for not having an Instagram thing along side all the other stuff can stop… so the same photos you can follow here or on Ello or Twitter or on my website can now be seen over at Instagram

Sean Worrall - Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 8) 2016 - Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood 59cm x 43cm
Sean Worrall – Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 8) 2016 – Acrylic, marker pen on recycled wood 59cm x 43cm

Meanwhile on with the thorny issue of the #43 thing and painting 43 pieces for the 43 day, full details to be announced soon.  Following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #365ArtDrops piece of work, #43 will be a new piece from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 parts and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016. Do please follow the Facebook event page for updates

43_jan2016Busy painting a new boombox radio painting for the forthcoming ResonanceFM fundraiser that’s coming up very soon  Delighted to be asked to paint a new piece for the fundraiser. Resonance FM is London’s rather unique full-tine arts radio station run by volunteers. We’ve been rather proud to involved in the radio station for years via Organ and such, watch this space for news on the new painting that will be up on the Resonance site
“Welcome to the ResonanceFM Fundraiser website – Our on-air campaign runs from 13th to 21st February 2016: our on-line auction goes live on 2nd February, with eBay items listed from Wednesday 10th February. New items will be added to this site over the next fortnight, so do come back to check it regularly. Here too we detail the various live events run as part of the Fundraiser. Thanks for your support!”


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