43 Paintings, 43 CD sized paintings…

43 Paintings on cardboard CD sized envelopes, 43 paintings painted together, 43 pieces painted at the same time. the beauty of mass production and the repeating of an image.  Acrylic, brushwork, spraypaint, gloss varnish on glossy white cardboard, 13cm x 13cm, January 2018


Back in the last century, besides being out there somewhere painting walls, writing zines, pasting things to things, we were running a rather busy record label.  One of the many releases was a label sampler called Organ Radio Eight (there were 21 Organ Radio compilations, there were the days before the internet really kicked in, things were still mostly physical), this particular release focused on the bands who were then releasing singles or albums via the label, it was 1999, running a record label was more exciting before the days of downloads.  We recent found a batch of the discs in the corner of the studio, too good to just throw in the recycle skip (nothing ever gets thrown out here, everything has a use), the discs nineteen tracks and a whole load of music that (mostly) still stands up nineteen years later. The label was always run in a defiantly underground alternative zine powered art-flavoured D.I.Y way, we’re still rather pleased with most of what it achieved.



And so 43 glossy white cardboard CD envelopes were found, 43 blank white  cardboard CD envelopes. 43 blank canvas pieces were all painted together at the same time at the start of January 2018. Mass produced pop art flavours, red blue yellow and gold, black stars (and a disc that also feature my artwork). Each piece hand painted, numbered and signed on the back, each one with the CD and original insert inside. The 43 paintings/packages will all be on sale via the Cultivate on-line shop (and other outlets) with the discs inside.

Here in 2018 this one piece of work in 43 parts is about the paintings rather than the discs inside (damn fine disc inside though) . 


Today was mostly about painting new 43 Pieced Piece for Hackney City Farm, one piece of work in 43 parts…


A 43 Pieced Piece, December 2017

Today was mostly about painting new 43 Pieced Piece for Hackney City Farm, one piece of work in 43 parts, 43 paintings on recycled cardboard. Each piece will be for sale at £1 at the Hackney City Farm Christmas Fair on Saturday December 9th (midday until to 4pm) alongside other work from Cultivate artists and others, (come see the duck).  A piece of work to be shared by 43 people at very little expense to anyone…

Starz, old brushes, planks saved from skips and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every day…


Daily Painting 236/365 (24th August,2017) – Fresh growth, new layers, 79cm x 9.5cm.Daily Painting 236/365 (24th August,2017) – Fresh growth, new layers, leaves and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every single day of 2017. On day 236, a 236th piece, acrylic, brushwork, spray paint, gloss varnish on a recycled piece of found wood, 79cm x 9.5cm.

Starz, old brushes, planks saved from skips and the ongoing notion of a smaller painting brought to a completed conclusion on every day on 2017.  The stiff and lifeless paint brush was encrusted in white painting and thrown in a Hackney skip, who’s going to resist a white blank canvas of a paint brush, or indeed an unwanted plank of weathered woo, a piece of broken wooded pallet. 43 Starz on a plank of wood (you’ve got rock six times), the piece can now be found in the Cultivate on-line shop along with some of the daily paintings that haven’t already been sold or left hanging on the street for people to take

A 43 piece trail of art, another #43ArtDrop and the events of the coming weekend in Leytonstone…

This coming weekend, 43 of the daily paintings with be hung, not dropped, never dropped, care is always taken to hang the pieces properly in the right places. this coming weekend 43 paintings will be hung on the streets, walls and green areas of Leytonstone (London E11). The piece of work in 43 parts will he next #43ArtDrop and part of the 2017 Leytonstone Arts Trail.  There an interview with me up on the Arts Trail website ahead of the event, the Arts Trail itself takes place between July 1st and July 9th, the #43ArtDrop itself will happen on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June.


The 43 paintings will be marked with #43ArtDrop hashtag, the hope is that people will take photos/selfies with the pieces they take and post them on their/our social media as part of the piece of work. Social media, interaction and people getting involved is very much a part of it all. The 43 paintings will be hung on the streets and walls of Leytonstone, hung outside the galleries that are hosting the trail,  maybe outside on the 50’s glory of the tube station, maybe out in the green areas, maybe outside a cafe or two, I expect some will be found and taken straight away, some might stay hidden in plain sight for months and month, some we’ll never know about.

The 43 pieces will all have been painted on materials picked up off the street, pieces of wood cleaned up and sanded down, unwanted canvas found outside galleries, – old canvas, found frames, this is about the way we throw things away with little thought or consideration and the way those things are then taken back, the leaves and fresh layers that grow on our waste. The latest #43ArtDrop can be followed via FacebookTwitterEllo, and on the day while it is happening via Instagram


I imagine some of the daily paintings seen on the shelves at the Cultivate Interact show last week will make up the body of 43 pieces to be “dropped” at the weekend (others from that shel, as well as new pieces being painted now, will be on sale at the Art Car Boot Fair the weekend afterwards) I do ask that you please don’t take more than two pieces each, feel free to swap pieces around if you take one and then see one you prefer further along the trail, but please please don’t be greedy and take them all, it did happen at one of the #43ArtDrop events last year and that really wasn’t in the spirit of these pieces of work that are hung to take for free


INTERACT, Cultivate at Coate Studio, June 2017

Fine out more about the 2017 Arts Trail and all the other shows and artists to be found as part in this year’s event here


The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the final #43ArtDrop piece of 2016 were left hanging on….

#43ArtDrop Part 4/43 (Dec 2016)

#43ArtDrop Part 4/43 (Dec 2016)

The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th parts of the final #43ArtDrop piece of 2016 were left hanging on four walls in East London today, Sunday December 18th.  Four paintings on recycled wood picked up off the London streets, four pieces painted on and then hung back out on the streets for people to take should they wish to. A piece of work in 43 parts, the final part will be hung on a wall before the year ends. 43 paintings on found things, the paintings have to be on found things, fresh growth and fresh layers on things no longer wanted. Each piece marked with #43ArtDrop so people can interact with the piece of work….


A new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One)

Sometines They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)

Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)

Wrote a slightly angry blog piece (over on the Cultivate page) about an aborted road trip to Luton yesterday, well a train ride actually,  one term is as good as another though, a road trip sound far more romantic don’t you think… A road trip (on a train) to Luton, another aborted train ride of a road trip to a festival up in Yorkshire, I won’t repeat it all here, I like to keep this page for the actual art I make rather than all the outpourings that revolve around running galleries and putting on shows and the way artists, on the whole, are treated (not very well), all over on the Cultivate blog if you’re interested, I really don’t want to repeat it all here, artists do need to make a stand though, a united one, unless it is a united one there really is no point. This website and this blog is about the art I make though, not the woes of artists, this is about layers and leaves and fresh growth and painting for the next show, the excitement of texture and colour of shape and contrast, of paint and mark-making…


Updated the Cultivate on-line shop yesterday, some of the small canvas pieces painted while confined inside a while-walled gallery last week. Really can’t be too expansive while sitting in a pristine art space, the formality demands restraint, this was not a space where I couple spray walls and throw paint. Some small canvas pieces then, there is a pleasure in painting small affordable pieces that people can just enjoy, a piece of art that in reality is worth no more than that CD you enjoy, or that dress you treated yourself to. That’s why the Art Car Boot Fair is such an enjoyable thing to take part in. So, spent last week in a white wall gallery and when I wasn’t talking to people, I painted some small (and reasonably affordable, the price of a CD or something similar) canvas pieces, a new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 1/43)  A series that will continue until 43 have been painted and will available on line via the Cultivate shop or at the forthcoming 2016 Art Car Boot Fair(s) at Brick Lane (June12th) and Hastings(July 16th).2016 is about things in batches of 43 (the prices will all be price between £10 and £25).

A solo show in an East London railway arch next week, a piece in Richmond Park and…

New shows, busy busy busy Summer coming up, leaves to grow, thorns to prune, layers to contend with, (you can of course keep up with some of this via my Facebook page or my new Instagram feed).  Two new shows coming up, both linked to each other. First some tagging in Richmond…

Richmond, Surrey, April 2016

Richmond, Surrey, April 2016

two news shows then..

The nomadic thing that is Cultivate returns to the scene of January’s Reveal show and that railway arch by London Fields, Hackney, East London, as guests of Fount.  ThIs time a solo exhibition of paintings from Sean Worrall.

Thorns_april2016The show opens on Tuesday April 12th and will run until Wednesday April 20th (closed on the Monday), we will have a late night opening on Thursday 14th April when the show will be open until 9pm (expect guests, performance and more on the Thursday and throughout the show)

Sean Worrall will present a collection of his recent (ongoing) series of Sometimes They Have Thorns paintings that have been evolving during 2016. The series of paintings that started at the Reveal show and formed a big part of the #43 show that happened on the 43rd day of the year with that one day show on the street under a railway bridge, the series that continued at the recent Debaser show over at BSMTSpace and will continue once more with new work for this nine day solo show in the railway arch at Fount.

The gallery walls will be alive with thorny growth, leaves on canvas (although some see other things and talk of leafhearts and such), expect thorns, pruning of growth, gardening, painting on canvas, on found things and for the last time this year the canvas paitnings will be on sale at no more than £43 each (these will once again also be smaller pieces painted on found recycled vinyl or pieces of reclaimed wood, expect work priced as low as £5).

Cultiartmart_april2016The show will evolve through the nine days with Sean working at the space (or outside the space) during the period.

And as is tradition now with Sean’s solo shows, there will be a guest wall of artists invited to take part and make use of one wall in the space (Cultivate is about getting art and artists out there, artists coming together and doing it ourselves)

And while Sometimes They Have Thorns is going on inside under the arch, outside we shall have an art mart, a small art fair….

CULTIVATE ART MART: On the weekend of Saturday/Sunday 16th/17th April, Cultivate will present an outdoor market/art fair in the yard of Fount, (with gazebos, tables, paintings, prints, stalls and such), East London Prints will also be there over the weeknd with thier extensive collection of affordable prints.

Fount is under the railway inside (and outside) an arch, right by London Fields, Netil Market and everything that goes on at Broadway Market, you have art, food, drink, vintage treasure and entertainment everywhere over the weekend…