One week until #43 and the 43 paintings on the 43rd day of the year…

Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 9) 82cm x 28cm

Sometimes They Have Thorns (part 9) 82cm x 28cm

Previous we announced here that following on from 2015’s year-long piece that was the #‎365ArtDrops piece of work (which we’re busy documenting at the moment), “#43 will be a new piece from Sean Worrall consisting of 43 parts and revealed somewhere in London on the 43rd day of 2016”.

5th Feb UPDATE: One week to go, time to reveal a little bit more about #43

#43 will start at 1pm on Friday 12th February, the 43rd day of the year, when the first of the 43 pieces that will make up #43 will be “dropped” in the style of last year’s #365ArtDrops piece.

Pieces will be hung out on the streets throughout Friday 12th from 1pm onward, 21 of the 43 pieces will be hung around East London, hung there to be taken for free should anyone wish to do so….

And then over the weekend the other 22 pieces will be hung, exhibited and on sale at a price of no more than £43 each at an “alternative” space to be announced on Friday 12th.

43_jan2016The only thing we ask is people respect the free aspect and not take more than one piece each please (if you see one you like more than the one you already have feel free to swap it for the one you found earlier)

#43 Facebook event page

Keep up-to-date via this new Instagram account thing for live updates from 1pm next Friday (assuming I’ve worked out this new phone by then) 

Lots of things coming up, we’re busy booking new Cultivate shows and such…. So when’s the next Cultivate show? Well we have several irons getting hot, you can never have too many irons in the fire. We just booked a boat, to follow on from last month’s railway arch, about time Cultivate took to the water… that and a closed down shop that needs waking up and several other rather exciting things

Sometimes They Have Thorns

Sometimes They Have Thorns

A #365ArtDrops piece from last year

A #365ArtDrops piece from last year




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