The place is a two floor treasure chest of colour and creativity….

wall_preview3The Harvey & Worrall exhibition at Wall & Jones opens this coming Friday evening, the space is alive with colour, with fabric, textiles, creativity, two floors for Emma Harvey and myself to hang work around. It looked wonderful today in there when I dropped in, none of our art in there yet, not hanging until Friday morning. Wall and Jones excites me, the place is a two floor treasure chest of colour and creativity, hanging art in alternative spaces is always exciting – under railway bridges, in condemned warehouses, and in the case in old tailors shops alive with dressmakers and their fabrics…

The Sometimes They Have Thorns piece there is painted in an old frame found in the corner of an East London Junk shop, it took a lOt of cleaning and the yellowing religious print had to be removed, the glass has cleaned up nicely and the frame has all kind of scars, I like that, I like that it has the marks left from hanging in an East End house, there’s an address on the back, I assume the address is where it came from, I like it when a piece has some history.    The piece measures 35cm x 105cm, it will be one of around 25 pieces of mine that will e hanging in the Wall and Jones space over the weekend  There are some images of some of the work in progress to view right there… Please click on an images to enlarge or run the slide show