My side of the Fragile show last week…

SEAN WORRALL – Fragile at BSMT Space gallery, Feb 2016

Fragile opened this time last week, a group show and a gathering of 16 proactive artists, Cultivated in a basement gallery over in London N16. A short sharp shock of a Cultivate show, it was “eventful” pulling it all together, I’ll write about the process over on the Cultivate blog in a day or so, there are some words and images up there already, this website is more about my own art rather than my curating and artist-herding and the putting on of shows. There’s photos of the work of all the artists along with images from the busy opeing and some words and thoughts from me over on the Organ pages (where music, art and underculture is written about on a daily basis).

Here then are some images of my work on the walls of BSMT Space gallery as part as the Cutlivate curated gtoup show Fragile, it happened at the start of February, one wall full of the paiinting a day pieces and a couple of other larger pieces in there alongside the work of ther artists we selected for the latest Cultivate show

Click on am image ot enlarge or to run the fracture slide show….