One piece of work in 365 parts, a year-long piece of work and the notion, once more, of 365 pieces carefully dropped…

#365ArtDrop18 5/365 – A leaf left, the 5th of 365 artdrop pieces of 2018

One piece of work in 365 parts, a year-long piece of work and the notion, once more, of 365 pieces carefully dropped.  365 things picked up off the street, things saved from skips, piece of wood, frames, unwanted canvas, pieces of vinyl too scratched to play, and when things like that are thrown out then leaves will grow on them.  Another 365 Paintings on things found, things recycled, painted on, and then left back out there on the street again for people to take should they wish to.

A #365ArtDrop piece from 2016 found

This year the hashtag on the back of the pieces is #365ArtDrop18 and once again as it was with the year-long piece in 2016 the hashtag is there for people to engage with the piece of work. Once again people are encouraged to post photos of themselves with the pieces they choose to take, encouraged to post on social media and use the hashtag, we’re looking to see where the pieces have got to this time and the photos of people with their pieces are very much part of the year-long piece again .  In 2016, pieces left most in London ended up hanging on walls in homes, bars, galleries and more all over the globe.  Why do it again? Well why not? the 365ArtDrop piece is 2016 was extremely rewarding, engaging, I found it exciting, I think others did as well, the e.mails and message suggest to us they did. There’s a certain pleasure to be found in hanging art on the street rather then in a gallery, why only do it once?

This year’s piece is under way then, pieces are being hung, never dropped, always carefully hung, placed, it isn’t one piece a day, it might be that several “drops” happen on a particular day and then nothing for a week, we’re not going to leave pieces out in the win and rain, I expect an outburst of pieces out there once winter starts to finally give way to spring, there’s a build up of pieces painted in January waiting for a decent day when they can be hung out with being blown away.  Some of the pieces will be newly painted pieces, some of the drops might be paintings from last year, some will have been painted on the same day that they’re dropped, all will have been painted on material picked up from the street, material recycled, things that were heading for landfill.  A year-long piece of work then, a piece of work in 365 parts, please do use the hashtag, the engagement is an important part of this piece….

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