Another piece left under another bridge…

#365ArtDrop18 – 365/16, a leaf left in East London

Another #365ArtDrop18 piece – 16/365 – A leaf painted, the 16th of 365 artdrop pieces that, all being well, will happen in 2018, a 16th piece painted on and in a recycled found frame, a small red frame that had a photo in it and the glass still intact when I found it and pulled out of a skip and hopefully rescued from landfill. The frame is now black, the glass cleaned up, a leaf has grown inside it and…. And last night it was left hanging on a wall under another bridge in East London, left there on the way home from a rather impressive Lennie Lee exhibition, left hanging next to a Thierry Noir piece for someone to take should they wish to. The hashtag is on the back, will it be taken? Will the hashtag be used? Will it find a home or will it end up in landfill anyway? The hashtag is important, we would like to know where these pieces go, I believe part five is now somewhere in Belgium? 

#365ArtDrop18 – 365/10, a leaf left in East London

Part ten, a pieces painted on a block of wood, was left under a different railway bride a few days back, part fourteen was left by a cash machine in East London on the same day. Part thirteen, fifteen and seventeen are still in my bag waiting for the right time and place, there’s a couple of dozen finished pieces waiting to be numbered here in the studio, waiting for the spring to kick in and weather to be more in line with the notion of hanging art out on the street without it being blown away.  I anticipate an outburst of drops as soon as Spring arrives (I can’t move in my studio).

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