A leaf left hanging on a wall in East London yesterday is now off to San Francisco…

#365ArtDrop18 – 365/9, a leaf left hanging and now found by the person who posted this photo

That piece in the photo up there, that painting, that leaf, those starz, that piece was left hanging on Fashion Street, just off Brick Lane, East London, a couple of weeks back, the photo above appeared on social media a couple of days later. As we keep saying, the photos people post with the pieces they have chosen to take are a big part of this piece of work..

#365ArtDrop18 – 23/365, a leaf left in East London

And I see the 23rd piece, a leaf left hanging on a wall in East London yesterday is now off to San Francisco, that is good news. Ten pieces were left out yesterday, I assume some of them are still out there. The #365ArtDrop18 hash tag is a big part of this year-long piece of work. Of the 27 piece left on the street so far this year, we know that five have been taken and two are still out there, the fate of the rest of them remains unknown. We know that one piece has gone to Belgium, one to the US and three more that we’ve heard or seen that have been taken but we know not where they now live…


The Spring is suggesting she might finally almost be here, the art drop thing was never intended to be daily, just a piece of work in 365 parts that will hopefully go on throughout the year.

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