The notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto, the Cultivate January sale, fresh growth on an old skateboard and…

The Cheap Art Manifesto has thrown up a number of questions since we had a copy of that print and the manifesto hanging on the stall at last year’s Art Car Boot Fair and at the Columbia Road takeover shows last Autumn. First off, no, I didn’t make the poster or the statement, I do love everything about it though, the manifesto, something from Bread and Pudding that I came across sometime last year, is something that lays out what I’ve been saying with the What Price Art shows and the art drops and more for a good few years now.  You can go explore Bread and Pudding and the manifesto via that link you just passed.

2018 Art Car Boot Fair, King’s Cross, London, September 2018

I’ve said it many times, I don’t want people to be precious about my art, i don’t want it to so expensive that most people are excluded, yes I do want people to appreciate the paintings and such, and of course I like to sell my art, I have to make a living, I need to buy paint, pay bills, occasionally eat, but I never want the prices to get so silly that most people can’t afford a small piece to hang on their walls, I will always try to do things like the £1 paintings. I had a gallery approach me a couple of weeks ago, they offered me a show, that wanted all the prices to increased almost five fold – galleries have overheads as well of course, they need to make money, but no, it must be accessible wherever possible…

And so, a January sale time at Cultivate – In line with the ideas of the Cheap Art Manifesto and the notions of art for all, that and the fact that art on your walls is good for your soul and January is far too dark and depressing and an original piece of art solves everything, we are offering a wholesome 20% off everything in the Cultivate shop until the 43rd day of the year. Just head to the Cultivate on-line shop, choose an already very reasonably priced piece of art and then when you go through the checkout process input the discount code, LM43MN and then hit the the ‘ + ‘ symbol next to the box after you have entered the code. Thank you. The link to the shop is here


Meanwhile, today at the studio, more fresh leaf growth, new layers on a recycled skateboard deck ready for a show and a fund-raising auction in February at Jam In A Jar over in Harringay, North London, a show organised by Re:Ply skateboards. They came around with a deck a few weeks ago and asked if I would paint it for them. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of that painted board and the painted boards of around 50 others will go to Skatepal, follow cruise links for more details as soon as I saw those kids on the skatePal website I had to say yes, the show is called Re:Deckorate, here come the details, down there beneath the board…

SEAN WORRALL – Fresh Growth on an Old Skateboard (Jan 2019)


RE:DECKORATE – Re:Ply Skateboards and SkatePal are teaming up to bring you Re:Deckorate — an exhibition of recycled skateboards to raise money for SkatePal! Launch night is on Saturday 16th Feb at 6pm, “A chance to see artwork from 50 or so artists and such, art from the global skate community on recycled re:ply decks. .Don’t miss your chance to buy an original one-off piece on our launch night!”. more details when I have them. The exhibition happens at Jam In A Jar, 599a Green Lanes, London N8 ORE.



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