The ongoing matter of a Ten painting, a daily conclusion…

A collection of Ten paintings

The ongoing matter of a Ten painting, a daily conclusion, almost (but not quite) a side issue while I’m painting other things ob other canvases. A series of daily conclusions, a small painting, always on a 10cm square canvas, one painting brought to a conclusion on every single day. Day twelve was yesterday, yesterday’s was overworked again, I’m not happy with any of them yet, and I have no idea how long this series will go on for, there are no plans, it might end next week, it might next next month, it might go on for 43 days, it might go on for longer. Everyday a small Ten painting concluded and every day the daily painting offered, in line with notions of the Cheap Art Manifesto,, at a price at £10, do the e.mail thing if you wish to know mote, I shall update the shop over the weekend. Number 13 will be along later, probably via my Instagram (there is a hashtag of course, #SWTen)