#43Artists, curating, painting…

This past week has mostly been about co-curating the #43Artists show with fellow Cultivate founder Emma Harvey, a show featuring 43 artists that opened on-line via the pages of Organ last Thursday evening.  The show can be viewed here, more about it in the Cultivate pages, this website, as I keep saying, is about my personal art rather than the curating and the Cultivating and the other artists we invite to take part in the shows we put on. my own art comes first, the curating, the shows and the writing about art comes second, that doesn’t mean those things aren’t important, they are, my own art comes first though. Cultivate is about us artists making things happen for ourselves, do please check out the gallery website and the #43Artists show, lots and lots of time went in to making it happen, took far more work than a physical show does actually…


It kind of goes without saying that all physical shows and all future plans are on hold while this Coronavurus thing grips us all, I am still painting, making art, doing al the things an artist does other tha nexhbiting wor kin galleries or going out and leaving art on the streets.

#43Artists – an on-line show

The art is still going on, art always goes on, it might seem a little trivial at the moment but then with all that is going on right, it might just be  a little more important than it was.

Skyline paintings at Insert (Title Here), Shipton Street Gallery, London, March 2020,