New Skyline pieces, postcard sized paintings, new on-line shows, the #ArtistSupportPledge and taking it a little further…

Margate skyline No.12 (Dreamland)” – April 2020 – acrylic on cardboard, 10cm x 15cm (sold)

Painted some new skyline pieces this week, postcard sized pieces,  I painted five postcard sized series, one was donated to a fundraising show, the others I shall so who knows what with.

I kind of like this small postcard sized format, I kind of like painting on recycled cardboard, but you knew that I liked old bits of cardboard already didn’t you?  I imagine I shall paint some more over the next few days,  the postcard size pieces are available in line with the #ArtistSupportPledge and  the CheapArt Manifesto at a price of £20 each (plus shipping). I shall add the pieces to the Cultivate on-line shop in a bit (having a few problems with the on-line shop right now in terms of adding new work, the shop is all working though, you cna stil lbu the peices that are on posted there), in the meantime if you’re interested in any of them or any other recent paintings please do jsut just send me a message.

The #ArtistSupportPledge is a rather wonderful lifelime in terms of us self-employed artists and curators who have had their gallery doors closed and all up-coming events, shows and such cancelled, all income other than on-line sales has stopped, rents and bill still need to be paid though.  Artists are pledging that 20% of all sales made frm work that is part of the pledge will be spent on the art of other artists involved in the pledge, the pledge is mostly happening via Instagram, just go use the hashtag and see what you can see. The general rule of the pledge is that artists are pledging to spend £200 on other people’s art once they’ve made £1000 in sales, the rule is that all pieces that are part of the pledge are forsale at no more than £200. Now with my Cheap Art MAnifestion pricing policy most of my pieces are a lot less that that so I’m not going to wait until I make £1000, I’m going to spend 20% of whatever I make once a month on the art of other artists taking part. and I see no reason why this should have to stop once this virus has been brought to some kind of order. why not carry on, artists need to support each other a lot more than they do. Of course you don’t need to be an artist to buy a piece of art, all of my art is now to be considered part of the pledge. I haven’t been able to put new work in the on-line shop for a few weeks, so if you have seen something new on line or on my social media feeds, please please do drop me a message and ask. Right us artists have no real income, the govenment support messures for self-emplored people are not going to kick in for an age and come wrapped in red tape, unanswered phone calls and crashing websites, all support is very much welcome right now


Right then, time to paint, hope you’re hanging in there, it may seem trivial right now ot be talking about painting and art and such but creativity is a positive thing, art is a positive thing, keeping positive is important, thoser rainbows kids are painting and putting in thier windows are important, those blue hearts are important. besides my own art, I do write about the creativity, the art, the music, the underculture of other people over on the Organ website.  I love seeing those rainbows in windows when I’m out getting my bit of exercise once a day.

Here’s some of the new postcard sized paintings, click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow…


Cultivate43artists_01v2#43ARTISTS opened on-line at 8pm UK time on Thursday April 2nd via the Organ website at – the show will stay there for weeks and months or maybe years….  #43ARTISTS, a show featuring 43 in artists,  is the seventh on-line show from Cultivate and we think the 154th Cultivate show curated by Sena Worrall and Emma Harvey since that infamous Netll Market takeover here in East London back in the summer of 2011 (we think the number is something like 155 shows anyway, we might have missed on or two).

Lockdown Gallery, Thursday 9th April, on-line via Facebook – Lockdown Gallery is something artist John Gathercole has set up in his Kent studio during the Covid-19 lockdown, tune in to the Lockdown Gallery page at 6pm on April 9th  to see the live stream opening of the debut exhibition “Johnny Shows his Privates” at the space feature art from the private collection of John, “pieces by Tracy Emin, Chapman Brothers, Gilbert & George, Gavin Turk, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Sean Worrall, Christopher Ward, Mia Jane Harris and more. ”