The ongoing matter of a Ten painting, it is about the commitment of a daily thing…

“Ten:13 (Devise)” – 24th July 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

The ongoing matter of a Ten painting, a series of pieces always painted on 10cm square canvas, one painting concluded every single day, not started and finished, there are several pieces in progress on any given day, they aren’t started and finshed on the same day. Always painted on a 10cm aquare and then offered for sale at a price of £10, see, “Ten”, all very simple and hopefully simple paintings as well if I couls stop myself over working then all the time. 15 days and 15 paintings so far (not photographed number 15 yet, that one was concluded late last night).

These small paintings aren ‘t the only thing goinng on art-wise at the moment, my website and social media feeds might have you thinking otherwise but there are big pieces on progress, there are other things in progress, there is life beyond the 10cm square, “watch this space” as they like to say…


And now that we can finally access the Cultivate on-line shop again after a few tedious technical problem, it is being updated on a daily basis with the latest Ten paintings and other recent Skyline paintings, Fruit Shop paintings and such. The Ten paintings are all for sales, everything generally tends to be, I shall be doing lots more updating and re-stocking of the shop in the next few days.

Varnishing day at the studio (June 2020)

There are new fruit paintings, skyline paintings, the lockdown period hasn’t been that productive, the lack of enagement and lack of show and eents to paint for might have soemthing to do with it, that or the trivia of it all while all around chaos does throw up questions about the point of it all. Yes, the Ten paintings are in part, about focing myself to commit yo at lease one conclusion a day…