Day 81, the Ten paintings are still flowing…

“Ten :77 (Already?) – 26th September 2020 – Acrylic on canvas, 10cm x 10cm x 1cm

The still ongoing notion of a small 10cm square canvas painting brought to a daily conclusion, a series of daily concluded paintings that started back in July, as of today there has been 61 daily conclusions, a painting always on a 10cm square canvas, one painting finished every day, not started and finished, just finished, there are always a number of them in progress, just one concluded on a daily basis, one small 10cm square painting finished everyday, Always ten and always offered for sale at a price of £10. The paintings made in September will be offered first via the Art Car Boot Fair, the fair has always been an artist-run thing and the organisers, unlike most galleries and especially fairs who tend to charge artists a fortune to take part, have always treated us artists right. I;m happy to support the Art Car Boot Fair, the September Ten paintings, including the new ones that will emerge this month, will all be available first via the fair on Sunday October 4th. Most of the early ones have now sold, but there are a few left and available via the Cultivate on-line shop.

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