A new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One)

Sometines They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)
Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 14/43)

Wrote a slightly angry blog piece (over on the Cultivate page) about an aborted road trip to Luton yesterday, well a train ride actually,  one term is as good as another though, a road trip sound far more romantic don’t you think… A road trip (on a train) to Luton, another aborted train ride of a road trip to a festival up in Yorkshire, I won’t repeat it all here, I like to keep this page for the actual art I make rather than all the outpourings that revolve around running galleries and putting on shows and the way artists, on the whole, are treated (not very well), all over on the Cultivate blog if you’re interested, I really don’t want to repeat it all here, artists do need to make a stand though, a united one, unless it is a united one there really is no point. This website and this blog is about the art I make though, not the woes of artists, this is about layers and leaves and fresh growth and painting for the next show, the excitement of texture and colour of shape and contrast, of paint and mark-making…


Updated the Cultivate on-line shop yesterday, some of the small canvas pieces painted while confined inside a while-walled gallery last week. Really can’t be too expansive while sitting in a pristine art space, the formality demands restraint, this was not a space where I couple spray walls and throw paint. Some small canvas pieces then, there is a pleasure in painting small affordable pieces that people can just enjoy, a piece of art that in reality is worth no more than that CD you enjoy, or that dress you treated yourself to. That’s why the Art Car Boot Fair is such an enjoyable thing to take part in. So, spent last week in a white wall gallery and when I wasn’t talking to people, I painted some small (and reasonably affordable, the price of a CD or something similar) canvas pieces, a new series that will consist of 43 small canvas pieces – Sometimes They Have Thorns (A Small One 1/43)  A series that will continue until 43 have been painted and will available on line via the Cultivate shop or at the forthcoming 2016 Art Car Boot Fair(s) at Brick Lane (June12th) and Hastings(July 16th).2016 is about things in batches of 43 (the prices will all be price between £10 and £25).